Saturday, 21 April 2012

Last Post: Part 1

Hey Everyone,
This is going to be my (Catherine's) part of the last post (Shaun's Post includes all of the coding etc.) We combined our blogging, but We both thought that we would create respective posts according to our strengths.  In my case, this means the White House model and the iMovie videos. We really enjoyed seeing everyone's projects.  It was clear that everyone had spent a lot of time on theirs and all of the ideas were really different.  In particular, I loved Hilary's illustrated story- as someone who often has a lot of papers to mark, I really wish I could show this to all of the kids.  Instead of a boring and grumpy presentation about footnotes, the illustrations would make it much more fun.  I also really liked Heather's Baseball helmet, what a great way to get people of all ages involved in themed exhibits. Also, for me swinging at nothing is probably the only time I'll ever hear a home run announcement....

For our model, we decided to include:
1. The Blue Room
2. The Red Room
3. The Green Room
4. The Roosevelt Room

We originally had thought of different rooms to create, but decided that four rooms that were all significantly different in their decor would probably be a better bet.  Making the model was much harder than we initially believed it would be...  It's much easier to envision the rooms etc. coming together than actually implementing it.  If time had allowed, we would have loved to order some playmobile furniture that would have worked with each of the rooms, and then we could have put light fixtures in the lights.  This would help correspond the room in the model to the room on the screen.

Here is a picture of the Red Room (bottom) and the Blue Room (above)
Our White House as a whole,

The house was made up of two pieces (so we could carry it from room to room.) The first piece was the lawn and the bottom part of the patio with the pillars.  The second part was the model with the four rooms (propped up by another piece of foam core.)
The Republican bobble head was sitting on top of a button which was connected to an LED.  When pressed, the LED reads "Welcome to the White House, Please watch the video."  The LED was connected to a touch sensor, when touched- the sensor was supposed to bring up the clips on the laptop screen.

This is what everything looked like when it was connected. We took some of the clips we used and edited them using iMovie.  iMovie was easy enough to figure out, so we added music to some of the clips and then combined them to make a larger film.  There was commentary on many of the videos already, but we would have liked to do the voice overs ourselves as well as the music, so we would just be keeping the visuals.  I'll include the links for a clip from the Blue Room as well as the Red Room below (we didn't get to play them through during our presentation.)  We don't own the content, so I thought It would be better to link rather than post it directly.

The Blue Room:

The Red Room:

Final Thoughts,
I know both Shaun and I had a lot of fun in this class.  Not only was it great to be able to do something different, but it was also nice to be able to learn something new every class.  Even though sometimes the glitches (or our overall inability to figure out Firmata) were sometimes frustrating, getting through these pitfalls made for a rewarding experience.  Now we just have to figure out how to get the White House out of Shaun's office...  If anyone wants to recreate Independence Day, let us know!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Last Day!!

Hi All,

Before we go to class today, Shaun and I were just putting the finishing touches on our project.  It's taken us a long time, but we finally have something solid.
Not only can I, Shaun, take great photos (see picture of Catherine above) but also navigate the Arduino and Processing software. Although there were many, many difficulties encountered, we somehow were able to produce a sequence of push buttons and enabled Processing to access a .MOV file from our laptops. We cannot wait until this afternoons class to see what everyone else has produced! We look forward, as well, to writing about our adventure!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Project Deadline Approaching....

With our model underway, Shaun and I wanted to see if we could connect our Arduino to an ipod so that we would cut down on space... The process looks a little something like this:

Needless to say, it looks a little complicated- but still possible? Unfortunately not at this juncture. Looks like we're going to have to stay connected to one of our laptops for the white house.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

More Error Messages....

March is scary

It's mid-March, and both Shaun and I are a bit nervous, as we're trying to work out the bugs in our project.  We both had somewhat different conceptions of how our model should be created (I was liberal with the creation, Shaun took a more structured approach...) So we ended up with a jumble of happy mediums.  Last week we had a lot of trouble with Firmata and Processing, so this week, we're hoping to be able to participate and run through the exercises with the rest of the class and figure out how we can start to integrate! Most of our scrips are done, and we've chosen the four rooms in the white house we want to continue creating 

1. The Oval Office
2. The Roosevelt Room
3. The Situation Room
4. The East Room

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Model Students

Today Shaun and I are cracking out our supplies- we're going to try to make this model over the weekend (the whole thing's definitely not going to happen, but at least we'll have made some progress!)  We're going to try to make the basic structure and play it by ear, we don't know for sure where all of our wires and sensors are going to go so the model is going to have to be tentative for now.

Matt sent us a great link over twitter which tells you how to connect the arduino to your ipod!  This would be really helpful- considering we were planning to hook the wires up to one of our laptops.  We're going to get to work, but we'll update on Monday as to how we're doing.
The best part about this, is the pink glue gun....